Airport transfers

Travelers with smarTours Group Air:

If you are traveling on a smarTours group flight, your transfer from the airport upon arrival and back to the airport upon departure are included with your airfare. You will be met at the airport by your tour director or another member of our team, and provided transport back to the airport at the end of your tour. Details will be provided in your tour documents, which you will receive 7-14 days prior to departure.


Land Only Travelers:

Booking your own flight provides many advantages, including flying from your home airport, choosing your own seats, upgrading your seats, and using and collecting airline miles. You may even be able to find a better price. 


If you book your own flights to the tour destination you are responsible for making your own way to the tour starting point, where you will meet your Tour Director. This is normally the first hotel in your itinerary, but may vary on select tours. We recommend printing your Tour Documents so you have the hotel's details and tour starting point in writing in case you need to share this with a driver.


Most tours begin with an orientation meeting and/or welcome dinner in the hotel. Check the “Before You Depart” page for your trip to find detailed information for the tour meeting point time and location. 


If you experience significant delays with your arrival and think you will miss the tour start and orientation meeting, please contact your tour director or our local emergency contact, whose contact information can be found in your tour documents, to let us know you’re running late.

Arranging Arrival Airport Transfers:

In your destination, there may be several options for transferring from the airport to the tour starting point. These options typically include: 

  • Using Uber or another ride sharing app in destination upon arrival to arrange an airport transfer upon arrival. These can be a convenient way to organize your transfer for a fixed price with cash free payment. 
  • Prearranging a transfer with the hotel at the tour starting point. Be sure to contact them at least 10 days in advance with your flight information. 
  • Airport taxis are also an option. We recommend using only authorized airport taxis. Most airport's have an information or service desk that can help you book a taxi. 

Arranging Departure Airport Transfers:

The best options for returning to the airport at the end of your tour are: 

  • Using Uber or another ride sharing app  to arrange an airport transfer from your hotel for your departing flight.
  • You can arrange a taxi or transfer with the hotel at the tour ending point. It’s best to arrange this upon arrival at the hotel.


Your tour director or hotel staff will be able to advise how much time to allow and how early to book, as well as how much the journey should cost.