Purchasing Travel Insurance

No one plans to get sick, lose their bags, or trip on the curb, but it happens all the time. We recommend you protect yourself with a travel insurance plan. 


If you get sick, need medical assistance, and/or change your travel plans, you’ll be responsible for any medical care costs, alternative hotels, meals, and transportation arrangements. 


A travel insurance plan can help you with emergency arrangements and reimburse costs if you need to cancel, or if you need to cut your trip short due to a covered reason. Please check with your insurance provider for your plan details. 


If you haven’t purchased travel insurance, you can purchase the Trip Mate Travel Protection Plan when you make your final payment. If you’ve already made your final payment, you can still purchase a plan with Trip Mate through their retail site. 


You can also purchase travel insurance with another provider! If you have any pre-existing conditions, please keep in mind that many travel insurance providers require that you purchase your plan within a specific time frame (often between 14 and 21 days) after your initial deposit for a pre-existing conditions waiver.