What to do when the airline loses your bags

If you checked luggage for your flight and it doesn’t arrive at the baggage claim, it’s important to report it missing while you are still at the airport. 

  • Try to speak directly to an airline representative, who can guide you through any paperwork you will need to complete. 
  • If an airline representative isn’t available, call the airline’s customer service number or go to their website to report your missing bag(s). 
  • You’ll need your baggage claim tags that you were provided when you checked your bags, as well as your ticket and flight details. 
  • To enable delivery of your bags to you on tour, you’ll likely also need to provide the address and date details for each hotel on your itinerary. These can be found in your final tour documents. 
  • Hang on to the claim number provided to you by the airline. You can use this to track your missing bags on the airline’s app or website. 
  • You may also use the app or website to keep your temporary address up to date as you change hotels on the tour. This is where the airline will deliver your bags once found, so be sure it’s correct! 
  • If any essential medications were in your missing bags, let your tour director know right away so they can help facilitate a trip to the pharmacy for replacements.

Be sure to ask the airline about their reimbursement policies. They may provide you with a small stipend to purchase essentials while you wait for your bags to arrive. If you purchased insurance, either through smarTours or independently, be sure to also keep all receipts so that you can make a claim when you return home. Most policies include coverage for delayed or lost baggage.