Meeting the Tour Director

Your final documents will let you know! In our final documents, you’ll have our Tour Director’s name, and contact information plus a local emergency number. 

If you’ve purchased our air-inclusive package you’ll meet our Tour Director at the airport. They’ll be holding a smarTours sign. Different airports have different rules about where they can wait, so please refer to the details in your final documents for where to look for them. If you’re having trouble finding them, we recommend contacting the Tour Director directly by phone, text or WhatsApp. If after 30 minutes you still can’t reach our Tour Director, we recommend you contact the local emergency contact. 

If you’ve purchased our tour-only package, you’ll typically meet our Tour Director at the first hotel or a designated starting point. We recommend checking your final documents for details. For travel to the first hotel, most airports have an information desk that can direct you to a taxi or ride-share service pick-up area. Most hotels also offer transfer services if you reach out to them directly.