Preparing for your trip

Before You Depart:
Every tour has a dedicated “Before You Depart” page. This page includes several important details to help you prepare for your trip, including:

  • Flight details for the group flight, if available for this tour.
  • Arrival details for those who have booked Tour-Only, and will be arranging their own arrival at the tour’s starting point. 
  • Passport and visa information for the destinations visited on your tour.
  • Health requirements and links out to CDC and destination-specific recommendations.
  • Tips on local climate and currency.
  • Any special baggage requirements. 


You can find your tour’s Before You Depart page in a few different ways:

  • A link to the page is included in your booking confirmation email, as well as in several email communications you will receive leading up to your departure.
  • When you log into the smarTours website and click the ACCOUNT link at the top of the page, you will find a list of your upcoming trips. Each trip will have a Before You Depart link. 
  • You can also find the Before You Depart page for your tour by visiting the tour detail page on the smarTours website. You will find a What To Expect section near the top of the page, and this will include a link to the Before You Depart page. 

If you’re having trouble finding this page, you can contact us, and we’ll send you the direct link. 


Tour Documents:
We’ll be sending the final documents for your trip between 7-14 days prior to your departure. This will include your air tickets (if applicable), a more detailed itinerary, emergency contact information, and more details about your trip. The documents will be sent to the primary booker on your reservation.