Visas and entry requirements

Entry and visa requirements vary by destination, where you’re coming from, and your nationality. It’s your responsibility to obtain any necessary visas and meet any passport requirements in order to travel. 


For a quick snapshot of a destination’s entry requirements and how you can get your visa (if needed), we recommend you visit our Passports & Visas page. You can also use the sherpaº widget in the visa section to check entry requirements based on your nationality. 


Some visa applications have a lot of details (like when to apply) or can require a lot of information (like proof of hotel stays). You can find more detailed information about entry requirements and any tour-specific information you might need to provide in the Before You Depart section of our tour page (learn more about the Before You Depart section). 


In all cases where a visa must be obtained in advance, it is important to read the requirements carefully so that you do not apply too late, or too early! For some destinations, visas must be obtained within a short time frame prior to your arrival, e.g., within 30 days, while others may be applied for further in advance.