Airline schedule changes

Airline schedule changes do happen and it's important to keep on top of these. For passengers who have booked the group flight, it's the responsibility of the traveler to monitor minor schedule changes after your tickets have been issued. Tickets are typically issued 30-45 days prior to your departure.

In the case of major schedule changes (one hour or more from your original itinerary), smarTours will email the Primary Booker on your reservation with an update. This will include any impact the schedule change may have on your touring schedule.

Whether you’ve booked your own flight, or are traveling on the smarTours group flight, we recommend downloading the airline’s mobile app to keep on top of schedule changes. Once you receive your flight confirmation from smarTours, do the following: 

  • Download the airline’s app to your phone
  • Add your reservation using the 6-digit record locator code found in your smarTours flight confirmation
  • Verify your personal information, passport name and number are entered correctly
  • Confirm your departure time details
  • Enroll in email and text notifications for your flight itinerary (offered by most airlines)

Please note that some airlines will not allow you to enroll in the above services when using a group record locator. If that is the case, you may still be able to set up alerts based on your flight number and date.