I might miss the smarTours group flight

Reach out to the airline directly as soon as possible as this is the fastest means of rebooking. It’s important that you reach the airline at least 3 hours prior to the departure time of your scheduled flight, or they may refuse to change your booking. Change fees will apply. If you miss your outbound flight, the airline will consider you a “no show” and cancel your entire itinerary with no refund, requiring purchase of a new round trip ticket.


The fastest and most effective method for rescheduling your flight on the day of travel is directly with an airline representative at the gate or in the airport. Gate agents will have the most up to date information on the ground. If you are not yet at the airport, contact the airline by phone. If you are at another airport awaiting a connecting flight, try to locate a gate agent or airline assistance desk for the group flight airline at that airport before you depart to change your flight.


If you are not able to get assistance from the airline directly, and are booked on the smarTours group flight, call the smarTours emergency line with the details of your scheduled departure. We will assist you with rebooking as quickly as possible, but this often takes more time, and may still require purchase of a new round-trip ticket.


Once you have confirmed new flight details, please inform both smarTours and our local emergency contact in your destination so that we know when to expect you. Once you arrive at your destination, please make your own way to the hotel. smarTours or your Tour Director will reach out with details on how best to meet up with the group. Hotel details and emergency contact information for both our local partners and smarTours can be found in your Travel Documents.

If you have travel insurance and will miss your flight for a qualifying reason, consult your provider directly to understand coverage for additional costs or missed services. Please be sure to keep any receipts for expenses you incur for making your claim.